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We contribute to society

delivering happiness and beauty through our products.

A message from our founder...

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It all starts with

Great People

Our people are the fertile grounds from which success sprouts.


Because we are aware of this, we make an exceptional effort to recruit, develop and motivate the very best person for every job.


We also strive to foster a culture where people can exploit their full potential doing meaningful work and creating meaningful relationships.

Stewards of


Our flowers are unique expressions of beauty from nature. When we look at them they make us smile, they make us happy.


We want to share this feeling with everyone!


For this reason, our team’s main responsibility is to guarantee that this unique beauty stays intact as it journeys from the farm to your hands.

Striving for

Operational Excellence

Operations encompass everything from the arrival of seeds and raw material at the farm to the delivery of our fresh cut flowers’ box in the hands of our client. Our commitment to Operational Excellence in all these activities is the reason why we can consistently deliver high quality product.

With decades of experience, state-of-the-art technology and a team of engineers passionate about our Purpose, at P&F we are experts in designing and continually optimizing the processes that make it possible for us to achieve our mission.

A Culture of


After many years of working side by side with Nature we have come to understand and appreciate the power of evolution in a unique way.


To progress in a world that never stops evolving, we continuously improve. Continuous improvement ensures innovation, and we are passionate about innovation because it allows us to repeatedly amaze our customers.

We are a 

Family Business

With time we have developed – and continue making an effort to do so – a culture that puts high esteem on traditional family values such as trust, solidarity and teamwork.

Motivated by a unique sense of urgency family businesses experience, we also place especial attention on topics like next generation leaders and doing business with a long-term vision.

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